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On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 19:53, Karsten 'quaid' Wade <kwade at> wrote:

> One challenge is choosing the priority of social-sources we tap in to.
> For some projects, it's Twitter, for others, it's or
> Facebook or ... We would need to do some mapping of e.g. project
> domain, language, and other features, so a priority can be constructed
> programmatically depending on each project's mix of features.
I tend to find Facebook much less relevant in development circles. At
least, we played with it for a while with various JBoss projects, and our
audience just wasn't there. Google+ seems to be filling this space (600+
followers for Arquillian after ~3 months), though same problem with no API.

It's important for projects to advocate what their tag is so that there is
some chance of finding useful results without too much NLP. For projects
like Arquillian, it's easy. For projects like CDI and Weld, not so much.

I've been using a backup script to suck down search results for my tags
each night. I also have a HootSuite account to track certain tags. The
problem with Twitter is that after a certain number of search results via
the API, you stop getting results :( So you have to make your own backup

One thing we could do is share a backup script for a search result that
updates nightly. It isn't pretty, but here is one I hacked together.

Once we have the data, then we can do things with it :)


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