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On 03/13/2012 10:46 AM, Dan Allen wrote:

> That's quite a braindump, so I'll leave it there.

That was very useful, thanks.

> If I think of other things, I'll post them. The next step is to
> curate this into a wiki so it doesn't get lost on the list :)

If you'd like, that would be great for in
two fashions - as a working example of principles in action (aka a
story+how-to), and something for us to start drawing out active
pathways. Send us your preferred username and email, several of us
here have access to do this:

(I'm supposed to tell you to read this: )

I'm imagining a decision tree-of-sorts, where each "Twitter? Yes" "G+?
Yes" opens a vault of solutions to common needs in that space. A vault
would include:

* Series of wiki articles (what-is, how-to) under an appropriate
[[Category:Vault name]].
* Lists of available code, where to find its documentation, community,
* Tools, checklists, processes, FAQs, whatever fits the need.
* Access to some services we can build out or refer to.

Then a project can chain together series of solutions. There are
probably no more than a few hundreds of ways people tackle the data
creation - mailing lists, code commits, repositories, CMS, blogs, IRC,

I'm thinking of this growing the way e.g. an open source computer
forensics community would build out its resources. I'm also thinking
in the modular way, to make it easier to contribute to the overall
efforts, especially if part of one's statistics infrastructure is not
openable (for whatever reason) - one can still consume and contribute
to "TOSW Metrics WG" parts for the infrastructure that can be done
transparently and/or with FLOSS.

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