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TOSW 2.0 weekly stand-up

Thu Nov 26, 2020 11:30 – 12:20 Pacific Time - Los Angeles
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Welcome to the weekly stand-up/check-in for all people working on or interested in the progress of the 2.0 version of The Open Source Way:
This is the new contributor meeting that is open to all participants, held under our Code of Conduct [URL FIXME]. The email list has been invited; this invitation is open to all.

This audio and video of this call is recorded and will be shared publicly under a CC BY SA 4.0 International license as a content artifact of this open source project

== Status of repeating meeting

20200423 - Updating to have a full hour so we can be available for people to have a crossover meeting; suggestion came out of last week's meeting to accommodate typical one-the-hour meeting starts, this takes advantage of that to allow to have a conflicting meeting and still drop in here.
20200219 -- Trying this out in real-time, hoping that all the parts work. In the interests of being fair to peoples' time and the desire to be a fully transparent project, we will spend up to five minutes resolving any issues in real-time. If we have some people unable to join, we can work toward resolving their issues for the next week.

20020227 -- open meetings minutes for today, may switch to more central tooling solution after this:

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