On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 3:32 PM Karsten Wade <kwade@redhat.com> wrote:
We talked about this further today, and I think BKP may have some notes
to share.

One of my notes is that we need to have at least several of us willing
to watch and respond to that list.

Possibly, as we get going, yes. But initially I don't think the traffic levels will be high enough for us to miss messages.

The web forum interface includes upvoting/downvoting that we may be able
to use to come up with FAQs or highlighting content.

If the web forum can be the channel on which the discussion occurs, then I am all for it.

One silly idea I had was to follow a nomenclature like this:

"practicing the open source way" == practicing@theopensourceway.org
"questions for the open source way" == questions@
"how to practice the open source way" == how-to-practice@

Honestly, I like "practicing" the best of these.




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